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Study with a professional union screenwriter and published master of story development online.

“Michael Tabb's writing course is rich in detail. Everything that's covered verbally in class is available also afterwards to review… If you put the effort and the time into the assignments, Michael Tabb will do the heavy lifting to get you to your screenplay.

If you're serious about writing, you cannot do without this class; if you're not serious, but would like to be, then this class will help you decide whether a writing career is for you or not.

I will be signing up, at some point, a couple of our new development people for your course. They have to prove themselves to get this kind of reward.”

-- Ted Hartley


RKO Pictures


Fellow writers,

You’re struggling with writing the projects you’re dying to start or finish.

You’re a screenwriter or teleplay writer who needs someone awesome, positive, and tough to keep you on your game and guide you with the tricks of a screenwriting professional to the finish line.

A pro.

A WGA writer.

A real mentor.

Let me be those things for you.


Why me?

  • Decade-long WGA screenwriter
  • Co-created the WGA Mentor Program
  • Has been paid to write in every major genre
  • Serves on the WGA’s Writers Education Committee
  • Writer for Universal Studios, Walt Disney Feature Animation, etc.
  • Winner of Best Screenplay at the New Mexico International Film Festival
  • Worked 3 years in development as a script analyst for Alcon Entertainment
  • Multiple award-winning MFA online instruction in screenwriting for over 6 years
  • Author of Prewriting Your Screenplay (from Routledge, America’s #1 textbook publisher) full of mind-blowing endorsements from the best in the business

Most importantly, I care.  I care about every writer and every script.  I get invested.


Here are the consultancy services that I offer:

1-on-1 Industry Advice & Mentorship:

  • Get career advice 
  • Brainstorm your specific situation in the industry
  • Industry relationship advice




1-on-1 Script Feedback:

  • Detailed line-by-line notes that will cover plot, structure, character, formatting, and even English errors.
  • One 2-hour meeting via video conference (or by phone if preferred) where I go through everything with you, 1-on-1.






The Classes:

  • Four 2-3 hour classes per month.
  • New writing lessons every month.
  • Small class size to promote individual attention.
  • Deadlines will be provided to keep your work on track.
  • A writer’s room workshop for your material run by a pro.
  • Professional feedback, opinions, career lessons, time and effort making your story reach its maximum potential every single month.


Purchase Individual Classes Below... 


“Five years after taking Michael Tabb’s class, I am still constantly using the lessons he taught me throughout my professional writer’s journey. Even my husband noticed it’s been Mr. Tabb’s referrals that have gotten me into the most exciting places of my writing career so far. I can’t imagine how many students’ lives he has influenced and changed like mine. I highly recommend his classes and working with him. Michael Tabb exhibits the right blend of professionalism and care that I have only experienced since first becoming his student. It is a testament to his wholistic work ethic that we are still in touch and that I am still seeking his advice and learning from him through all of these years. Thank you, Michael Tabb!”

-- Neema Ejercito

Creator/Screenwriter/Director, 3D Edutainment Series AlphaBesties, YouTube Japan/Prairie Kids    

Scriptwriter/ Director, Toast & Brew 3D Animation and Game Design Studios

Narrative Writer, Razor Edge Games





Week 1 – Analyze a couple produced films (getting into the groove) by breaking down:

  • Genre classifications
  • Character types based on what they do
  • Three-act structure
  • Boiling each film down to its premise 


Week 2 – building an original story backbone:

  • Premise
  • Genre (why so important and common genre mistakes)
  • Brainstorm imagery
  • Protagonist (inner and outer journeys)
  • Antagonist 


Week 3 – Story development:

  • Supporting characters
  • Story/Logline
  • Develop overall three-act structure and why this works


Week 4 – Outlining:

  • Write the detailed treatment 
  • Scene mapping 
  • Scene transitions 


Week 5 – Write Act 1 – Online Workshop:

  • Establishing 1
  • Escalation 1
  • Evolution 1
  • Escalation 2


Week 6 – Write Act 2a - Online Workshop:

  • Evolution 2
  • Pinch 1
  • Escalation 3


Week 7 – Write Act 2b - Online Workshop:

  • Evolution 3
  • Pinch 2
  • Escalation 4


Week 8 – Write Act 3 - Online Workshop:

  • Evolution 4
  • Escalation 5
  • Establishing 2


Week 9 – Script feedback:

  • Giving notes 
  • Taking notes 
  • Big Picture Edits (slug lines, character clarity, etc.)


Week 10 – Edit line-by-line:

  • Pacing
  • Dialogue editing
  • Action lines editing


Week 11 – Professional coverage (understanding the story analyst perspective):

  • How scripts are broken down and analyzed by professionals
  • Writing professional coverage of each others’ scripts
  • Logline Perfecting


Week 12 – Business of writing (incl. pitching):

  • Getting reps
  • Query letters
  • Meet and greets
  • Pitch meetings
  • Pitch decks




“Professor Tabb is an amazing mentor.  He guides you through every step towards bringing your characters and their stories to life.  The space he has built to welcome a community of writer's is way more then any tuition could buy.  Feeling like you are in a Writer's Room was the icing on the cake.  He made you believe in the statement, "I am a writer." I will forever take that revelation away with me and have made amazing new friends that I WILL work with in the future.  Professor Tabb not only gives his time, wisdom, and knowledge --- He gives his heart.  I am truly grateful to have been a part of this beautiful journey and hope this will motivate you to take the next steps towards breathing life into your passion.” 

Be Inspired,

Trish Persen




In writing the Episodic Series Bible and Pilot Episode you will learn and develop the following:

  • Premise
  • TV Genres
  • Show Type and Length
  • Major Characters (series regulars versus recurring)
  • Designing long-term character relationships and story trajectory
  • The World and its Rules
  • Describing The Show
  • Target Networks and Audience
  • Comps
  • Logline
  • Synopsis
  • Plotting the Pilot (opening a can of worms)
  • Plotting the First Season
  • Plotting Future Seasons
  • Episodic Teleplay Structure
  • Three-Act Structure Versus Teleplay Formatting Act Structure
  • Teleplay Formatting (with act outs and when to use act breaks)






“Michael Tabb delivered actionable instruction on the in's and out's of writing a series. His insider information on show bible, structure, and the pilot episode with week-to-week guidance was invaluable to me.  I received my Master's Degree under Michael and as soon as I heard he was offering a private online course, I signed up. If you want expert mentoring, this is it!”

-- John Darbonne

Winner, 2020 Filmmatic Horror

Winner, 2021 & 2020 Westfield Screewriter's Award 

Winner, 2019 Film Crash Web Series

Finalist, 2019 Screencraft Horror Competition

Finalist, 2021 The Script Lab's Screenplay Contest (written in Michael's class)

2019 RoadMap Top Tier

Top 1% Horror Feature on Coverfly




You will learn the following:

  • Getting represented
  • Query Letters
  • Meet and Greet Meetings
  • Elevator Pitches (90 seconds)
  • OWAs
  • Pitch Meetings
  • Pitch Decks
  • The Writing Contract
  • Project Financing and Distribution Models
  • Taking & Giving Project/Script Notes
  • Film Markets
  • Film Festivals





My book and writing method is endorsed by...

  • Writers of: Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, multiple Marvel films, Star Trek films, Mission: Impossible films, Now You See Me, as well as classics like Beverly Hills Cop and An Officer and a Gentleman
  • Creators / Show-runners /EPs of: The Watchmen, Lost, The Big Bang Theory, multiple Star Trek series, Green Arrow, Jack Ryan, Hawaii 5-0, Fringe, Sleepy Hallow, Orville, Army Wives
  • Screenwriting Educators from: USC, UCLA, NYU, AFI 
  • Authors of: The Writers Journey, The Screenwriters Bible

And now you can be mentored by the man.


“Michael understands the nuts and bolts of storytelling like no one else — Whether you’re penning your first script or your thirtieth.”

-- Damon Lindelof, WGA Writer/Producer/Creator
Star Trek (2009), World War Z,
Co-Creator TV’s Lost, The Watchmen


"Michael is not only a great screenwriter, but he understands how to explain screenwriting in a way that I never could and in a way that helped me move forward.” 

-- Roberto Orci, WGA Writer
Transformers 1 & 2, Star Trek 1, 2 & 3, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Legend of Zorro, Mission: Impossible III

Prices for the Class

  • Industry Advice - $100 (30 minutes) or $150 (1 hour)
  • Pitch or outline/treatment document feedback - $25 per page (with $350 minimum)
  • Script Feedback - $15 per page (with $450 minimum)
  • The Complete Screenwriting Class - $3,000 (when paid up front) - 4 classes per month (2-3 hours each) / 1 class per week / 3 months
  • Each month of Screenwriting Class (4 weeks) taken separately - $1,250
    • Prewriting Your Screenplay: Weeks 1-4
    • Writing Your Screenplay: Weeks 5-8
    • Rewriting (Editing) Your Screenplay: Weeks 9-12
  • Writing the Complete Episodic Series Bible and Pilot Episode - $3,000 (when paid up front) - 4 classes per month (2-3 hours each) / 1 class per week / 3 months
  • Each month of Episodic Series Bible and Pilot Episode Class (4 weeks) taken separately - $1,250
    • The Series Bible: Weeks 1-4
    • Writing Your Pilot Episode: Weeks 5-8
    • Rewriting (Editing) Your Bible & Pilot: Weeks 9-12
  • Writing Business Class - $2,000 - 4 classes per month (2-3 hours each) / 1 class per week / 2 months

$10,000 (paid in advance) gets an annual membership. This includes all classes for free, one full screenplay feedback, and an hour of private mentorship advice every month. Plus, with the one-year membership, get an additional one-time $500 discount on a 2-hour, 1-on-1 private script consultation.


You’re home, so use this time wisely!

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