• WGA Screenwriter

  • Author, Prewriting your Screenplay A Step-by-Step for Generating Stories

  • Award-Winning Educator / Lecturer / Speaker

  • Script Consultant

  • SAG-AFTRA Actor

“The best way I can think to get yourself writing again if you’re stuck would be to have Michael Tabb come over with a bottle of bourbon and a couple of glasses and talk you through things. The second best way would be to buy this book and read it. You can supply your own bourbon.” 

-- Bill Prady
WGA Writer/Creator
The Big Bang Theory, The Muppets, Gilmore Girls, Dharma & Greg, Caroline in the City, Dream On

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“Michael understands the nuts and bolts of storytelling like no one else — Whether you’re penning your first script or your thirtieth, this book will make you a better writer.” -- Damon Lindelof WGA Writer/Producer/Creator The Hunt, Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, Prometheus TV’s Lost, The Watchmen, The Leftovers, Nash Bridges, Crossing Jordon

Michael Tabb is a working screenwriter, decade-long current and active member of the WGA (the Writers Guild of America, West is the Hollywood screenwriters’ union), a multiple-award-winning screenwriting educator, and author of a film-festival-winning Best Screenplay. His new book, Prewriting Your Screenplay: A Step-By-Step Guide To Generating Stories, explains how he develops great, cohesive script ideas that continue to get him work, released by Focal Press, the entertainment-business division of Routledge, America’s #1 textbook publisher.

Current Reps:

Bob Sobhani (literary manager) — Authentic M —  (310) 838-3333

Darren Trattner (entertainment attorney) – Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer et al – (310) 553-0305

WGA/ATA agreement has required a break of agents currently. When they resume, Michael is with literary agent Ryan Saul at Paradigm.


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