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Michael has been nominated for Best Actor in multiple films at numerous festivals in America and Europe for his roles ranging from a survivor of child abuse in the film Strike to a Wild West cowboy leader of outer-space-traveling outlaws in Honor Among Thieves. He’s starred in several projects recently, including multi-film-festival nominated The Film, Crystal City, and two films in post, The Hard Way and the feature The Tarot (2022).

During his college years, Steven Spielberg cast Michael in his first union film, allowing him to become a professional SAG actor. Directly following college, he was cast in multiple small speaking parts on daytime’s Days Of Our Lives as truckers, Santa Claus, and minion to the show’s iconic villain Stefano, marking his first television roles. Being called back to play many different speaking roles over two years invigorated Michael's confidence in exactly the way he needed. Since then, he thoroughly enjoys being a character actor between screenwriting jobs while continuing to perform in theater when time allows, in such productions as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar and Shakespeare’s Othello

Michael studied acting as a child at the Tony Award-Winning South Coast Repertory Theater, Boston University’s Summer Theater Program while in high school, then starred in main stage plays at University of Southern California (USC). While finishing his undergraduate degree at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, he studied with David Mamet and the Atlantic Theater Company in the Practical Aesthetics Workshop as well as the Classical Studio. Trained to perform classical texts, Michael starred in four Off-Broadway plays in Manhattan, including two plays by William Shakespeare.

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